Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fort Edmonton

Fort Edmonton-Pioneerland was situated in the La Ronde sector of Expo 67 and sponsored by the city of Edmonton, Alberta.

A view of Fort Edmonton from the Expo-Express station.

Located near La Ronde's Expo Express station, Fort Edmonton was one of the first things visitors saw as they entered the amusement area of Expo 67. Surrounded by a barrier of tree trunks, Fort Edmonton's traditional setting transported guests to the old Canadian West.

The Golden Garter saloon.

The Gold Rush days were re-created with continuous lively entertainment at the Golden Garter saloon, where leggy chorus girls could often be seen through its swing doors. A full liquor service was available at the establishment, which became "adults-only" after 6pm.

One of Fort Edmonton's daily action-packed shows.

Visitors could have their picture taken behind bars at Fort Edmonton, or have novelty newspaper headlines printed while they waited. There was also had a general store, a film and camera shop, hat and souvenir stands, and 2 restaurants... The Klondike steakhouse served barbecued and grilled specialties in an authentic frontier-style ambiance.

There was even a barber shop, where men could have their hair cut...!

The typical Gold Rush atmosphere of Fort Edmonton.

A Minirail station at Fort Edmonton took visitors to other areas of La Ronde.

One of the attractions in Fort Edmonton was the Flume ride. Passengers sat in hollow logs that floated down twisting ramps of water, ending with a climactic final plunge, leaving visitors thrilled and damp...

This water-borne roller coaster was one of La Ronde's most popular rides.

An aerial view of La Ronde's Flume ride during Expo 67.

La Ronde
's Fort Edmonton still exists today, and the La Pitoune log ride is still one of the park's most beloved attractions...

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nightlife Magazine Interview

Expo Lounge (and my passion for Expo 67) are the subject of an interview appearing in the summer 2009 issue of Nightlife Magazine.