Monday, July 9, 2007

Pink Party

The invitation for the party, designed by yours truly.

Last Saturday, my dearest friends and I got together to celebrate my upcoming 30th birthday. (In our circle of friends, there are many birthdays in July, so I like to get mine out of the way early...)

The theme for this year's birthday festivities? Pink!

Guests were asked to wear pink and bring a pink dish for the buffet. Rosé wine was the drink of choice for the evening, while fare such as salmon, fresh watermelon, and anything strawberry was enjoyed by all.

I've always loved pink, it's such a hopelessly retro color. It makes me think of 50's convertibles, cotton candy, frosty lipstick, etc.

What better way to celebrate my 30th birthday?

Click on the above image to see the photos from the party.

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