Friday, October 19, 2007

Chalet Bar-B-Q

Chalet Bar-B-Q is a Montreal institution.

Located on Sherbrooke street just off of Decarie, Chalet Bar-B-Q has been serving Montreal's best barbecue chicken for the past 63 years. Regular customers know that the back door is the way to get into the restaurant, while waitresses and hostesses serve patrons with a confidence that can only come from 35 years of experience...

Arguably, Chalet Bar-B-Q are the originators of the Montreal barbecue chicken formula [quarter breast or leg, served with fries, sauce, and a toasted bun] later made popular by such chains as St-Hubert BBQ or Swiss Chalet. Chalet Bar-B-Q 's secret lies somewhere between the legendary dipping sauce and the custom built brick ovens used to cook the chicken.

Either way, since 1944, generations have been enjoying this simple gastronomic pleasure. I know for me, the Chalet Bar-B-Q experience conjurs up warm childhood memories: this place invented comfort food!

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