Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Sky Ride

The Sky Ride was a 120-foot high cable car system that travelled over Dolphin Lake in the La Ronde sector of Expo 67.

Brightly colored gondolas holding 4 persons each carried passengers from the Expo Express station (at La Ronde's entrance) to another station in Le Village, an old-style Qu├ębecois village located at the opposite end of the park.

The cable cars offered visitors a panoramic view of the site, as well as the Montreal skyline, but bird's eye views were just one of the ride's functions: the Sky Ride was an effective means of dispersing the thick crowds that arrived hourly at La Ronde...

The Sky Ride's station near La Ronde's entrance.

Two panoramic rides: the Sky Ride (foreground) and La Spirale (background).

Architectual plans of the Sky Ride, 1965.

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