Saturday, August 2, 2008

Michèle Richard raconte Michèle Richard

Ain't she sweet? Apparently, no!

Like the picture sleeve for Hey Friend Say Friend, I had been looking for this Michèle Richard collectible for years. I finally found my copy on eBay.

"Michèle Richard raconte Michèle Richard" was released in 1969, when Michèle was 22 years old. Semi-autobographical, much of the book's text was written by Michèle herself, interspersed with "entrevues chocs" by a certain Jacques Matti.

I'm devouring the book, as we speak!

My biggest surprise so far?... I've always been under the impression that in the 1960's, young Michèle Richard was everyone's girl next door, and that it was only in later years that she would be criticized by some for her boisterous character.

Not so, I'm finding out!... Even in 1969, Michèle's extravagant personality was already getting her into hot water!

The back cover included words like "calculating" and "controversial".

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