Thursday, May 6, 2010

Color Inspiration

So, I am writing this as if i never missed any single day of blogging...
I am really not good at writing at all but I just like this site so much. It makes my picture looks great and call me narcistic but I did have some few nice images posted.

I'm definitely keeping this site even if no one reads or finds my blog.
This week, I've been obsessed in keeping updated with a very talented designer, Kristina Werner. She made the most delightful cards and few scrapbooking layout using as minimal materials as possible (I think). They looked streamline and neat, easy to the eyes...

Few days ago, i started participating in her online contest to win some scrap materials and even though I didn't win...i was happy that i tried anyway. She posted today a "color inspiration" challenge and i get excited because it's one of my few elements that i am interested in participating, photography. So, I chose the pink Flamingo in the greenish background with a brown highlites of the grass. I thought, this would make an interesting project for card making and or any scrapbooking layout using these colors. I know that people get to vote which of the images will be best suited for the challenge. But, i will go ahead anyway and see what i can do for this challenge using my own photo for color inspiration.


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