Saturday, June 26, 2010

Expo 67 Special Passes

A general press pass was to be on Yves "at all times while on Expo 67 property".

As director of public relations at Expo 67, Yves Jasmin had certain privileges and special accesses during the summer of '67.

A number of special passes identified Yves and ensured these privileges.

Click on the images to see both sides of the cards.

"Lock your car" was inscribed on the back of this parking pass.

This pass granted free entry to the Expo 67 site for Yves and his guests.

An admission pass to the Air Canada pavilion and its lounge.

Yves' Automotive Stadium press pass did not necessarily "entitle him to a seat".

Yves' Expo Club membership card was "not valid for credit".

images: private collection

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