Saturday, July 22, 2006

Canadian Pulp and Paper Pavilion

This is one of my favorite pavilions!

The architecture of the Canadian Pulp and Paper pavilion was that of a groovy, stylized forest. There were 44 treetops, the tallest of which reached the height of an 8-storey building. A sculpture on the outside of the pavilion symbolized an unwinding roll of paper.

This pavilion was dedicated to one of Canada's richest natural resources: forests and their derived products.

There were 4 major exhibits in this pavilion. The first section used whimsical sound effects and animation to describe forest legends across the world. The second section included 2 unusual theatres, with walls that suggested huge unwinding rolls of paper. The third section described the Pulp and Paper Industry's impact on the Canadian Economy.

The final section, Lab 67, was presented as a science whiz show. Lively demonstrations dealt with the chemical aspect of paper production, including it's unlimited future uses. Visitors could also see French Canadian artisans creating paper by hand.

photos: (top)
(bottom) FOS productions

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