Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Expo 67 Ads

In the 10 years I've been collecting Expo 67 paraphernalia, I've amassed quite a large collection.

A few years ago, I acquired the Expo opening day editions of the Montreal Gazette and the now-defunct Montreal Star.

Each of these newspapers had published "special Expo editions" on April 27, 1967. The information and photos are amazing, the enthusiasm of the day was unmistakeable.

The best part of these documents are the ads. Expo 67 was a world class event that was to generate millions of tourist dollars. Every business in Montreal wanted to jump on the bandwagon, and they almost all did. Everything from camera shops to pet stores... There's even an ad for a strip club!

I've scanned a collection of these ads and uploaded them on I also included the comics of the day, which all mention Expo. And, lastly, the Gazette's special Expo crossword puzzle (with solution, of course...).

Click here to view the whole set.
images: personal collection

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