Saturday, September 23, 2006

Michèle Richard at Expo 67

At the private party I attended on September 3rd, I finally got to ask Michèle Richard the question that I had been dying to ask her! I got to ask about her impressions and memories of Expo 67.

Michèle told me that the French pavilion had set out an exquisite buffet for her and her entourage upon her visit to the Expo site in the month of June, 1967. Michèle also told me that she had fallen under the charm of the exotic pavilion of Algeria. The Algerians had given her the gift of a beautiful hand-made bracelet. It is a bracelet that Michèle treasures to this day...

At this same party, I had obtained an original 1967 newspaper document detailing Michèle Richard's visit to Expo, including many photographs, the best of which can be seen here.

While on the subject of Michèle Richard and Expo 67, check out this ultra-rare video of her rendition of Un jour un jour, the french version of the Expo 67 theme:

image source: personal collection

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