Monday, September 4, 2006

Michèle Richard Happening

On Sunday, September 3rd, I was fortunate enough to attend a very special event. By know you know how much I love Michèle Richard, so imagine my being invited to a private party for fans of hers, held at the home of her #1 fan...

And the best part? A personal appearance by Michèle Richard, herself!

Maryanne Frégeau has been collecting Michèle Richard newspaper clippings, record albums and memorabilia since 1966, when she was a teenager. Throughout the years her collection has grown to mammoth proportions (you have no idea) and she's been fortunate enough to become close personal friends with Michèle.

I met Maryanne at a Michèle Richard show at the Montreal Casino (which is, by the way, housed in the old France and Quebec pavilions from Expo 67...) Maryanne spoke of having a party for her biggest fans, and let me tell you, I made sure to get invited!

Radio-Canada was there to film this special event, and highlights will be broadcasted Monday, the 18th of September at 10 am.

image: invitation designed by yours truly!

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