Saturday, June 2, 2007

André Courreges

André Courrèges was born in 1923 in Pau, France.

Courreges shot to couture stardom in the mid-1960's with his Moon Girl look. Revolutionary in their styling, his clothes were sharp, angular and subject to a highly disciplined design. This uncluttered aesthetic became Courreges' signature, and quickly spread throughout the fashion world.

André Courreges' designs included boldly-piped trapeze dresses, coats, and skinny pants, worn with chin-strapped bonnets or oversized sunglasses. Credited as one of the originators of the mini-skirt, his hemlines were the shortest in Paris. Colors included pink, white, ice-blue, pale turquoise, day-glow orange and lime green.

Arguably, Courreges' greatest contribution to the fashion world was his low-heeled, calf-high boots made of white plastic. These Go-Go boots moved quickly from catwalk to street and dance floor.

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