Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

How was your day?
I spent my afternoon with my daughter shopping in Lausanne. I was so happy that at the last minute she decided to come with me. It was our day spending not only "money" but bonding time, the girl way. We took the train and had some drinks at Starbucks before heading to our tour. After almost 3 hours we went back to the train station and met Daddy. We all went home together. Later, i had to dress up and get ready. My dear husband reserved us a romantic Valentine dinner in "Mai Thai". It was a five course meal with accompanying wine (various on each service). Arrived at 7:30 pm, got seated, taken care of and had the rum with fruit cocktail for apperitiff. The St. Valentine menu was superb! (forgot the menu list) It was a fusion of Thai with the French touch. I just adore it. Patrick and I had a superb talk in between the course and what seems like a short time actually ends up by midnight. We went back home after having the tea. We both agreed that the night was a very special one, too bad, we also both knew that we could no longer stay in town to party much longer. (Aging? haha) Until next year.
...some photos from the evening...

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