Monday, January 19, 2009

TV Dinner Packaging

Here's a groovy little montage of some vintage Swanson product packaging from the golden age of TV Dinners... As a kid, I used to always eat the "Chicken and Whipped Potatoes Entrée" (at 0:28, in the video).

I love the international flare (TV Dinner style) of the "English Style Fish and Chips Entrée" (at 0:16); and the "German Style Dinner" (at 0:46), which included "Sliced Beef with Sauerbraten Gravy", "German Style Whipped Potatoes", "Bavarian Red Cabbage", and "Applesauce Cake" for dessert...

Guten appetit!

Small, medium, large: 3 convenient formats of fried chicken TV Dinners.

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