Monday, May 15, 2006

Crystal Addict

I grew up loving my grandmother and her fabulous front-hall chandelier. When I was a teenager I finally inherited that said chandelier (with a little grandson sweet-talking, of course...).

Once I had my grandmother convinced, I had to convince my mother that, first of all, it was entirely appropriate for my bedroom, and second, that I would clean it.

Chandeliers have always appealed to my it's-impractical-but-beautiful side, like high heeled shoes or tiaras. There was a period in the 1960's where no home was truly fashionable without a crystal chandelier in the front hallway. Nothing better to highlight the shag carpet and gold wallpaper!

I have since inherited two other chandeliers from my aunt when she redecorated. My three chandeliers have been following me in every apartment I've had. They are my treasures of which I will never part...

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