Saturday, May 13, 2006

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Long before my career in window dressing, I went to hairdressing school. (I know, I know... hairdresser, window dresser... next career: florist!)

I went to hairdressing school about ten years ago. I have to say my parents sent me to the best (and surely most expensive) school in Montreal.

I absolutely loved hairdressing school. What struck me was how archaic our curriculum was. Our course subjects included "hair setting" and "pin curling", while "creme rinse" and "cold wave" were among the technical terms used!

We had customers who actually paid money to have their hair ruined... er, styled, by us students.

I must have convinced every customer I had to let me set their hair on rollers. Roller setting was the way of styling hair in the 50's and 60's... Jackie Kennedy's fabulous bouffant hairdos were achieved this way.

To roller set, wet hair is sprayed with setting lotion and wound on rollers held with clips. The customer is then tortured under a hot hair dryer for an hour or more, sometimes, depending on hair length and thickness.

Once the hair is completely dry, it's brushed out to loosen the crunchy curls, and then teased to high heaven! I love teasing hair, and I had great satisfaction in styling my victims, er... customers.

No matter what my clients asked for, when they got up from my chair, they resembled Annette Funicello, circa 1964!


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