Monday, May 22, 2006

Minirail '67

When I imagine myself visiting Expo 67 (and you know I do), I always imagine myself riding around on the Minirail.

The "Minirail" was a system of small trains that circled Expo on an elevated track. There were 2 types of trains: the blue line Monorail, with larger cars and a more extensive route, and the yellow line Minirail.

Not intended to be a fast and efficient mode of transport, the Minirail offered a slow, panoramic view of Expo. It rode over water, under waterfalls, even through the U.S. geodesic dome!

La Ronde, the amusement park from Expo 67, is still in operation today, as is it's yellow line Minirail. I go to La Ronde every year, and it's become my ritual to first tour the entire park by Minirail before going on any other rides.

On uncrowded days, I stay on the Minirail for 2 to 3 turns. I always sit near the end of the train, facing forward, to get a good view of the train itself, as well as the site... I sit back and imagine myself at Expo 67...

To see the La Ronde Minirail today click here.

images: (1 and 3) library and archives Canada
(2) Bill Dutfield

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