Monday, January 8, 2007

International Broadcasting Centre

The Canadian Broadcasting Company built a completely functioning broadcasting facility for Expo 67. Located in the Cité du Havre section of Expo, the International Broadcasting Centre (IBC) was a rectangular building with Greek-inspired colonnade.

Inaugurated in late 1966, the IBC began operating before Expo 67's opening. It was designed as a permanent structure that would last beyond Expo's 6-month run.

A pedestrian walkway joined the Broadcasting Centre with Place d'Accueil:

The Broadcasting Centre had a vast plaza which featured an exhibit that focussed on radio and it's role in everyday life.

Inside, visitors could wander along an elevated passageway that let them observe actors, technicians and producers at work in the TV studios and controls booths.

As well as servicing the CBC, the International Broadcasting Centre provided all participating nations every televisual and radio service they needed, free of charge. These facilities included 6 radio studios, a tape-recording centre, makeup and dressing rooms, a workroom for sets, and any other amenity needed for radio and television production.

The CBC also operated 5 mobile units for location filming on the Expo site:

Click here to see a photo of the IBC as it appeared in 1997.

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