Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pictograms, Planters and Picnic Tables

The amount of thought that went into the aesthetic aspect of Expo 67's overall design is impressive. From triangular trash cans to mod restroom graphics, no design stone was left unturned...

Here's a sample of equipment, fixtures and signage at Expo 67:

An on-site speaker system piped music throughout Expo 67.

These trash cans were so pretty, visitors didn't use them!

The triangular planter design mimicked the trash cans.

The triangular theme was carried through to the information kiosks...

Even the pavement had a triangular design!

Visitors could mail their Expo postcards, with stamps bought at a vending machine...

The lamp posts in the La Ronde amusement area were the grooviest...

For these hungry visitors, this low lamp post acted as a makeshift picnic table.

These lamp posts adorned the blue-line Monorail stations.

These machines promised: "Rest your tired feet, 10 cents."

Millions of visitors were shuttled to and from their cars, which were parked offsite.

The use of animal pictograms in parking lots is said to have originated at Expo 67.

Bold graphics were used to direct visitors to such amenities as the restrooms...

How cool were these futuristic phone booths!

images: library and archives Canada

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