Thursday, March 27, 2008

Learning Photography

I finally enrolled a photography online class as i set up my goals in this hobby much higher. I found a lot of flaws to images i took (which doesn't matter to me really, because it is much more for family collection than anything else) for which i consider great in my novice eyes. Well, taking pictures of my family at their most candid moment is great but i am now challenging myself to try ways to better improve my basic knowledge. I just want to mention that while blogging, it inspired me as well to take photographs in whatever chances i could get; thus, getting absorbedly crazy in this hobby. I might be sharing some of the images i will be submitting to my class and see how you can critique or comment on the subject. Finally, my long and winding whine will slowly come to an end...or really? Will see next month as i progress to my journey in learning how to shoot creatively. Wish me the best...

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