Sunday, March 23, 2008

Photo Hunt: Metal

Happy Easter Everyone! Here is Easter Sunday hunt for this week's theme.
A giant metal fork in the lake (technically it is made of steel), one of the many fascinating architectural images in our town of Vevey.

This structure was displayed for the second time last 2007, situated directly across the Musée de l’Alimentation (Nestlé Alimentarium), a museum devoted to the history of food products. The fork was to be displayed only for one year to commenorate its 10th anniversary. It was supposedly taken down last January but I am glad the petition to keep it around was granted. I searched more online for some information about this work of art. Below is an excerpt from an online blogger, Peterblog.

"It spent the last ten years decorating the grounds of Berndorf Ltd, a Lucerne-based cutlery manufacturer, and is back to celebrate an exhibition of place settings at the Alimentarium. The poor fork was banished a few years after it was set up orignally, in contravention of some local regulation or other.
It is the work of Jean-Pierre Zaugg, and artist from Neuchâtel (on another big lake, curiously enough) and was made by Georges Favre in Vevey out of stainless steel."

It still stands until now and you will see the different view of this metal sculpture when you walk along the quai perdonnet in whatever time of the year.
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